The Three Sticks Monument, stands for Land, Wood & Water. It recognizes conservation in the Kiamichi Mountains, of Southeast Oklahoma. 

I met this kind gentleman in Poteau, OK, in 2015. Manuel (Manny) Battles, and I struck up a conversation about off road riding. He mentioned that he helped to build this amazing monument, when he was a teenager. He said he would love to see it again in person. So at age 74, we went on an off road trip. He was delighted to be back here in the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains. When we arrived at the monument, he started crying at the sight of seeing how badly it has been vandalized! Manny said, the monuments original three posts were hand carved spruce logs. They were stolen and replaced by the three metal columns, you see today. The entire monument has been defaced by graffiti & spray paint. It was truly a sad sight and to see it through his eyes, was even more disheartening! 

This is what sparked the Three Sticks Monument Fundraiser! We have started a GoFundMe Account and locals who remember seeing the monument in its glory days, have banded together to bring her back! 

Highway 259, Big Cedar, OK 

For additional fundraising info or to find out how you can get involved, please text: